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  • Smart Card Engraved Id that you want to register should be correct. BMRC will not be liable if you enter incorrect Engraved Id.
  • Your metro card balance can be updated immediately after successful recharge at Card Top-Up Terminals (CTTs) installed at all metro stations. You can update the balance of your metro card at Card Top-Up Terminals (CTTs) till 15 days from the date of recharge.
    Also, your metro card balance will be automatically updated on the AFC entry gate (during tapping of your card at AFC entry gates) at any Bangalore Metro station after 1 hour and before 7 days from the time of successful recharge.
    If the smart card is not presented at CTT or Automatic gate for card balance update within 15 days from the date of recharge, the amount will be refunded automatically after deducting a service fee of 2.5% within 30 days.
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